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Whatever Grid System
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Whatever Grid System (WGS)

####WGS is a library allowing the generating of a set of OOCSS classes. Theses classes are heavily oriented toward the creation responsive webpage structures.

This library est highly customisable : gutters, widths, spaces, breakpoint names, mobile first.

It contains :

  • grid classes, with ratio and fixed widths
  • RTL support
  • grid gutter classes, with an option for distinct vertical/horizontal rythms
  • spacing classes
  • visibility classes

Thoses classes follow the BEM convention, augmented with a new paradigm : the "@breakpoint" sufix.

This project fully OOCSS :



  • sass > 3.4 or libsass > ??? (find out)


  • git : git clone
  • bower : bower install webedia-udg/wgs


// your-file.scss

// Import the library
@import "wgs";

// Setup and write classes
@include wgsSetup(
    $breakpoints : (
        tablet     : 480px,
        big-tablet : 660px,
        desk       : 990px
    $gutters : 12px 16px 18px 22px,
    $fixedWidths : 200px 300px,
    $namespace: false
<!-- template.html -->
<div class="grid">
    <div class="1/2@big-tablet 1/3@desk"></div>
    <div class="1/2@big-tablet 1/3@desk"></div>
    <div class="1/3@desk"></div>
<div class="grid grid--fixed@desk grid--12px grid--22px@desk">
    <div class="1/2@tablet 300px@desk"></div>
    <div class="1/2@tablet 1/1@desk"></div>
<div class="padding-top--12px padding-top--22px@desk"></div>

Classes naming



.grid[@breakpointName] makes an element become a grid, optionnaly starting at a breakpoint. breakpointName depends of the setup. Its children become display: inline-block.

Ex :

.grid           // Always a grid
.u-grid         // Always a grid ('u-' namespace)
.grid@foo       // Grid behaviour from "foo" breakpoint

.[1-12]/[1-12][@breakpoint] represents a width. Works inside and outside a grid. breakpointName depends of the setup.


.u-1/6@bar // '-u' namespace

[namespace]padding[-(top|right|bottom|left|hori|vert)]--[XX][@breakpoint] adds a padding on top/right/bottom/left of an element. XX is one the values defined in $gutters setup parameter.

Ex :

.padding--42           // Adds a 42px padding around the element
.padding-top--42       // Adds a 42px padding-top on the element
.padding-left--42@foo   // Adds a 42px padding-left on the element, starting at "foo" breakpoint
.padding-hori--42      // Adds a 42px horizontal padding (right + left)
.padding-hori--42@foo  // Adds a 42px horizontal padding (right + left)), starting at "foo" breakpoint
.padding-vert--0@foo   // Removes a vertical (top + bottom) by setting it a 0, starting at "foo" breakpoint


Including _wgs.scss in your sass project gives you access to two sass mixins:


/// @access public
/// @param {list} $fixedWidths [()] - fixed sizes to handle
/// @param {map} $breakpoints [()] - breakpoints
/// @param {list} $gutters [()] - gutters to handle
/// @param {boolean} $mobileFirst [()] - mobile first ? (or desktop first)
/// @param {string} $namespace [false] - namespace used by wgs
/// @example
///   @include wgsSetup(
///       $breakpoints : (
///           tablet     : 480px,
///           big-tablet : 660px,
///           desk       : 990px
///       ),
///       $gutters : 12px 16px 18px 22px,
///       $fixedWidths : 200px 300px
///   );
@mixin wgsSetup(
    $breakpoints  : (),
    $gutters      : (),
    $fixedWidths  : (),
    $mobileFirst  : true,
    $namespace    : false
){ /*...*/ }


/// Media Query mixin
/// @access public
/// @param {string} $from [false] - Apply rules from this breakpoint name
/// @param {string} $until [false] - Apply rules until this breakpoint name
/// @param {string} $and [false] - Additional media query parameters
/// @example
///   @include mq(tablet){ color: red }; // Results depends of the mobile first approach
///   @include mq($from: tablet){ color: red };
///   @include mq($until: desktop){ color: red };
@mixin mq(
    $from: false,
    $until: false,
    $and: false
) { /*...*/ }


  • use atomic css for spacing classes
  • update documentation


This project was heavily inspired by Harry Roberts grid system for the grid part, and sass-mq for the modulable mq() mixin.

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