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A jQuery plugin. Carousels are bad! Sometimes, though, we have no choice but to implement them, so let's make them as easy and acceptable as possible.
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Scroll Carousel - a jQuery plugin

pre-alpha not entirely working yet not released :)

Documentation (WIP!!)

Please visit the wiki for information on getting up and running.

Click here for API Documentation

Ongoing issues to fix & features to add


  • Padding on child elements breaks center & right alignment with & without box-sizing: border-box use jquery outerwidth to fix
  • Margins break alignments account for margins on left & right align by getting value & computing it for the scroll adjustment
  • Indicator buttons are hardcoded to only work for left align atm fixed improper child left bounds calculations in the viewportChangeHandler function, implemented align checking for indicators
  • Prev arrow button broken atm fixed, was broken only for centered alignment due to incorrect arithmatic symbol
  • Create workaround for the overflow: scroll right padding problem <-- this fix works; however, for snapAlignment: right, since its using this pseudoelement fix instead of margin there needs to be a way to calculate the offset it creates when aligning the snap
  • Borders create minor offset issues, current working fix is a little hacky (add additional width of a couple pixels on some checks)
  • Should remove scrollbar from carousel only if JS is enabled, to retain additional functionality in no-js env
  • Change everything from Weber Carousel to Scroll Carousel

Features todo

  • Extract API for passing custom button classes or text
  • Dynamically add theme classes on instantiation (bad? need those classes for it to work without js)
  • Provide optional splitting of background from items (item takes up full width of carousel, bg images fade out/in on item change)
  • Write API documentation (WIP)
  • Add clickable overlay to any visible but unaligned items that allows you to click an item and center it
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