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Twilio Gem Changelog


  • Better handling of Builder version for greater compat

  • Reject verb

  • Dependency on recent, improved version of HTTParty


  • Bumped down Builder version requirement for Rails compat


  • SSL validation (thanks Kyle Humberto)

  • Available phone numbers search support (thanks Mark Turner)

  • Deprecated Twilio::Connection method has been removed, use Twilio.connect(…)

  • LocalPhoneNumber and TollFreeNumber have been removed to reflect API changes

  • New phone numbers are now provisioned via the IncomingPhoneNumber class

  • Several classes improved to avoid adding a stray “?” when no params were set

  • Compatibility with 1.9.2 (and tested on 1.8.7 MRI and REE)

  • Now uses Bundler, Rspec 2, and WebMock


  • Compatibility with Twilio's 2010-04-01 API publish


  • SMS callback URLs

  • Ability to delete phone numbers


  • SMS functionality

For earlier versions, see

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