Java bindings for a very compact embedded JavaScript engine.
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Java binding for Duktape, a very compact embedded ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine.

ducktape4j is Java port of duktape-android.

Supported Java Versions

Oracle & OpenJDK Java 8, 11.

Both the JRE and the JDK are suitable for use with this library.


This library is suitable for use in production systems.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 8 & Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Ubuntu (64-bit)
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)

How it is tested

ducktape4j is regularly tested on appveyor (Windows), circleci (Ubuntu) and travis (macOS).

Integration with Maven

To use the official release of duktape4j, please use the following snippet in your pom.xml file.

Add the following to your POM's <dependencies> tag:



duktape4j-1.0.0.jar - 1522 KB

Usage Examples

public class HelloWorld {

    public static interface Console {
        default void info(String message) {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try (Duktape duktape = Duktape.create()) {
            duktape.set("console", Console.class, new Console() { });
            duktape.evaluate("'hello, world!')");


Licensed under the Apache License.

Note: The included C code from Duktape is licensed under MIT and duktape-android licensed under Apache.

FOSSA Status