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Webful PasswordMaker


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A modern mobile app supporting Password Maker.

Make secure, unique-per-site passwords.

Built with Ionic and Angular.

What's this?

This Android & iOS app makes you a unique password for each site you use, following a deterministic algorithm which means no central trusted server, and compatibility with several other plugins and apps which have followed the same conventions over the years.

See the hype page for more about what the app does, why you might want it and how to pick your settings.

Get the app

Stable releases

For the stable version, see the download section and find your platform.

Beta releases

To use beta releases – which normally come out with hopefully-stable changes from this codebase a few days after they are deemed complete, opt in via the Beta links.

Bleeding edge

If you'd like to help test changes earlier in the development cycle, please use this repository and Ionic CLI to run the app locally.

Dev info

See the Development doc for local dev & build details.

Icon & splash screen

These use Ionicons' iOS-style key SVG (MIT licensed).