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PlantUML Plugin for Remarkable.js for use with docusaurus
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PlantUML Plugin for Remarkable.js for use with docusaurus

This package requires the fs package to read the content of the plantuml files. It's therefore not possible to use it inside of the browser.


yarn add remarkable-plantuml


Use with files

Register this plugin and link your plantuml files as in image in your markdown files

![Some Diagram](/path/to/file.puml)

The path to file has to be correct for the node process that builds the files. It will read the content of the file and create a plantuml server link for it.

For example if you have the following file

Bob -> Alice : hello

and link it as

![Diagram 1](/path/to/diagram.puml)

it will be replaced with

![Diagram 1](

and shown as

Diagram 1

Use with inline scripts

When you add snippets like the one below it will automatically be replaced with an embedded image.

Bob -> Alice : hello

and shown as

Register Plugin with Docusaurus

// siteConfig.js
// ...
  markdownPlugins: [
    (md) => {
      require('remarkable-plantuml')(md, {base_path: './static'});
// ...


  • url - The plantuml server link. Default:
  • format - Diagram format. Default: png
  • base_path - Base path for all files. Default: empty string
  • inline_type - Defines what code blocks will be converted to diagrams. Default: uml
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