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Extremely easy way to create Pdf files from MVC.


public ActionResult PrintIndex()
    return new ActionAsPdf("Index", new { name = "Giorgio" }) { FileName = "Test.pdf" };

public ActionResult Index(string name)
    ViewBag.Message = string.Format("Hello {0} to ASP.NET MVC!", name);

    return View();

ViewAsPdf now available. It enables you to render a view as pdf in just one move, thanks to scoorf

public ActionResult TestViewWithModel(string id)
    var model = new TestViewModel {DocTitle = id, DocContent = "This is a test"};
    return new ViewAsPdf(model);

Also available a RouteAsPdf, UrlAsPdf and ViewAsPdf ActionResult.

It generates Pdf also from authorized actions (web forms authentication).

You can also output images from MVC with ActionAsImage, ViewAsImage, RouteAsImage, UrlAsImage.

Rotativa for Asp.Net Core

Please check the new repo here: Rotativa.AspNetCore is an API (SaaS) version of Rotativa, hosted on Azure. Works with just a HTTP call, no need to host the process on your server. You can register for free.

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