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#Extremely easy way to create Pdf files from MVC.


public ActionResult PrintIndex()
    return new ActionAsPdf("Index", new { name = "Giorgio" }) { FileName = "Test.pdf" };

public ActionResult Index(string name)
    ViewBag.Message = string.Format("Hello {0} to ASP.NET MVC!", name);

    return View();

ViewAsPdf now available. It enables you to render a view as pdf in just one move, thanks to scoorf

public ActionResult TestViewWithModel(string id)
    var model = new TestViewModel {DocTitle = id, DocContent = "This is a test"};
    return new ViewAsPdf(model);

Also available a RouteAsPdf, UrlAsPdf and ViewAsPdf ActionResult.

It generates Pdf also from authorized actions (web forms authentication).

You can also output images from MVC with ActionAsImage, ViewAsImage, RouteAsImage, UrlAsImage.

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