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Original WebGL Earth 1.x source code
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WebGL Earth

WebGL Earth is an open source software enabling to explore, zoom and “play” with the globe in any browser on any platform including mobile devices. The project lives from support and cooperation of developer community. 

The project is a free software available under standard [ GPLv3 license]. We welcome anybody to [ contribute] or just [ send feedback] on the development of this project.

  * Rotation and zoom of the globe
  * Runs without a plugin in modern webbrowsers
  * Displays existing maps (OpenStreetMap, Bing, ...)
  * Supports custom map tiles in [ popular mercator system]

  * A web browser with support for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL extension (Firefox4, Chrome 9+, ... mobile devices iPhone / iPad / Android later on)
  * Programming language: JavaScript (compiled with Closure compiler).

==Quickstart for developers:==
  Setup instructions can be found in [ quickstart section] at project's website.
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