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Getting started

WebGME requires NodeJS (0.12 <= version, CI tests are performed on versions 4.x, 6.x) and MongoDB (version >= 2.6) installed on the host system (the server). In addition the npm installation requires Git to be installed and available in PATH.

Options to deploy and run WebGME:

  1. webgme-cli. This is the preferred way of using webgme as it allows you to:

    • Automatically generate boilerplate code for extension components (w/o manually configuring paths etc.).
    • Reuse components from other users.
    • Publish and share your work with others.
    • Updating to newer webgme releases only requires a npm install webgme and won't cause any conflicts.
  2. For webgme developers, clone this repo.

    • install packages with npm npm install
    • launch mongod locally
    • start the server npm start

After the webgme server is up and there are no error messages in the console. Open a valid webgme address in the browser. The default is, you should see all valid addresses in the console where you started webgme. To view the available documentation visit <host>/api.

Command line interface

All runnable javascript programs are stored in the src/bin directory, you should start them with node from the root directory of the repository, e.g. node src/bin/start_server.js starts the web server. Each script supports the --help or -h command line parameter, which will list all possible parameters.

  • start_server.js: it starts a web server, which opens a connection to the configured MongoDB.
  • run_plugin.js: executes a plugin via a direct MongoDB connection.
  • merge.js: merges two branches if there are no conflicts.
  • usermanager.js: manages users, organizations, and project authorization (read, write, delete).
  • clean_up.js: lists/removes projects based on supplied criteria (commits, branches, regex etc.).
  • export.js: exports a (snapshot of a) branch into a webgmex-file.
  • import.js: imports a (snapshot of a) branch (from webgmex-file) into a webgme project.

Extension Components

  • Plugins - Model interpretation for e.g. code generation.
  • AddOns - Continuous model interpretation for e.g. constraint evaluation.
  • Executor - Code execution framework.
  • Rest Routers - Add custom REST API routes.
  • Layouts - Configure the layout of the generic UI.
  • Visualizers - Add complete visualizers to the generic UI.
  • Decorators - Add custom decoration to the nodes in the model editor.
  • Constraints - Add custom constraints based on meta-types.

See gme-config for available configuration parameters.

Change log





See the LICENSE file.