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Y8 Construct 2 Plugin


  1. Download and unzip this repository
  2. Copy the idnet folder to the C2 plugins folder \exporters\html5\plugins
  3. Start or restart Construct2

Getting Started

  • Double click in a layout tab to open insert dialog
  • Add the Y8/IdNet plugin from the platform specific section
  • Now Y8 Login events should be available in the event tabs
  • Start by making a init action for On start of layout event


We provide the example.capx file to show the basics of how to use the plugin. Give it a glace, it's easier to understand compared to text only instructions.

Important Notes

  • Games must be hosted on https in order to work. Using https is possible using the storage solution. Any website, even non https ones, can iframe the game.
  • When exporting, disable the minify option as it causes issues with the plugin.

Available Functions

  • Is authorized - Returns true if sdk is loaded
  • Is not authorized - Returns true if sdk is not loaded
  • Init - Initialisation of API
  • Registration - Show a dialog prompting the user to register an account
  • Login - Show a dialog prompting the user to login with an account
  • Submit statistic - Submit a high score
  • Show leaderboard - Show high score menu
  • User name - Return the current user's name, or a guest name if not logged in
  • Session Key - SessionKey", "Return session key
  • Menu is visible - Know when a menu is shown to the player

Need More Help

There is a awesome community of devs and players on the forum. Leave a message, we will try to reply.