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Instructions for getting started contributing to webhint for Visual Studio Code.

Compile and Run

  • Run yarn to install dependencies.
  • Run yarn build from the root hint directory.
  • Open VS Code on this directory.
  • Switch to the Debug viewlet.
  • Select Client + Server from the drop down.
  • Run the launch config.

NOTE: Make sure you open a file in the launched vscode instance that webhint is registered for (like html or tsconfig.json), otherwise, the server won't start.

Running Tests

  • Run yarn test from this directory.


  • Install the packager via npm install -g vsce.
  • Run vsce package.
  • Install the generated *.vsix package in VSCode:
    • Go to View > Extensions.
    • Click ... in the top-right of the panel.
    • Click Install from VSIX....
    • Choose the generated *.vsix package from disk.


Full instructions available at the Publishing Extensions page in the Visual Studio Code documentation. You must be a member of the webhint Visual Studio Marketplace publisher to publish.

  • Install the packager via npm install -g vsce
  • Run vsce login webhint
  • Provide your Personal Access Token
  • Run the release script
    • Preferred: Run npm run release from the root of this repo (publishes all webhint packages - automatically calculates version bump)
    • Alternate: Run vsce publish from this directory (publishes only this extension - requires manual version bump)

Note vsce saves your login information so only npm install and vsce publish are necessary on subsequent attempts.

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