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## Quick start user guide

Once you have [`Node.js`](
v8.x on your machine, you can use `npx` or install `hint` globally
to use it.

**Note**: Only the latest 2 LTS versions of node and the current
one are supported.

### Using `npx`

Run the following command:
If you want to have an idea of what `webhint` does and you
have an updated version of `npm` (v5.2.0) and [Node.js LTS (v8.9.2)
or later, x64 version recommended][]
you can use the following command:

npx hint

This will analyze `` using the default configuration.

### Installing `webhint` globally
Alternatively, you can install it globally with:

npm install -g --engine-strict hint

Create a `.hintrc` file by running this command and following the
You can also install it as a `devDependency` if you prefer not to
have it globally (which is the team's preferred option).

npm create hintrc
**NOTE**: If you run into any issues during the install process
please check the [troubleshoot section](./troubleshoot/

Scan a website:

### Further reading

Now that you have `webhint` up and running, it is time to learn a bit
more about the different pieces:

For more in depth information on how to get started, configurations,
and more, see the online [user guide](,
or the [local version](./docs/user-guide/
for the most recent (and unstable) content.
* [Configurations](./concepts/
* [Hints](./concepts/
* [Connectors](./concepts/
* [Formatters](./concepts/
* [Parsers](./concepts/

## Contributing to hint
## Contributing to webhint

To know more about the internals of `webhint`, the structure of the
project, how to create new hints, collectors, formatters, etc, take a

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