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# webhint browser extension

The webhint browser extension surfaces webhint's best practices and hints
directly in your browser's DevTools. It provides a visual interface that
allows you to run and re-run site scans that test against all browsers and
all hint types or to just a select few.

![The webhint browser extension running against](images/extension-browser-0.png)

## Installation

To install the browser extension, click one of the links below and follow the
installation instructions.

> Note: The links below redirect to externally-hosted storefronts.
- [webhint browser extension for Google Chrome](
- [webhint browser extension for Microsoft Edge (Chromium)](
- [webhint browser extension for Mozilla Firefox](

## Usage

Open DevTools in the browser. Once the webhint extension is installed, it will
appear as a tab within DevTools. From here, you can customize the scan by
selecting which hint categories, browsers, or resources to include or exclude.
Click "Start scan" to begin scanning the site.

![Choosing settings for a webhint site scan.](images/extension-browser-1.png)
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