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Docs: Improve VS Code readme and take it out of preview

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@@ -7,18 +7,20 @@ based on `webhint` analysis.

![VS Code running the webhint extension][vscode gif]

The extension is still in beta, please check the
[troubleshooting section][troubleshoot] and if you cannot find an
answer [open an issue in GitHub][issue github].

## Configuration

This extension uses your local `.hintrc` file to configure `webhint`.
If no `.hintrc` file is found it defaults to
This extension will use the [`@hint/configuration-development`][config]
configuration by default. This configuration activates hints and parsers
for HTML and templating systems (JSX/TSX, Angular, etc.),
JavaScript/TypeScript, common pitfalls, and more. Refer to the package
to learn more about what is enabled.

This should be a good starting point for everyone. If you encounter
any false positives please [open an issue in GitHub][issue github].

To create one, run `npm create hintrc` and choose `development` as the
configuration to extend.
If you want more control over what gets activated, you can create a
local `.hintrc` file to configure `webhint`. Please read the
[user guide][] to know more about this file.

## Contributing to the extension

@@ -37,5 +39,5 @@ from specific hints, see the [`webhint` user guide][hints].
[issue github]:
[vscode gif]:*EsZ7KfkkmpEBgUrpSTMsZw.gif
[user guide]:
[vscode gif]:
@@ -89,7 +89,6 @@
"nyc": {
"extends": "../../.nycrc"
"preview": true,
"publisher": "webhint",
"repository": {
"directory": "packages/extension-vscode",

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