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Webhook solo theme

This theme is meant to be used primarily by solo bloggers looking to mix in some videos, photos and links from around the web. To make it really awesome, you can optionally set up auto-importing so that it passively adds content to your stream.

Sass files

I've included the original sass files used to build the CSS for this theme. To get it to compile, you'll need to do the following.

  1. npm install -g bower
  2. bower install
  3. npm install contrib-sass contrib-copy --save-dev
  4. Restart your server.

I've included a sample_gruntfile.js you can use when working on this theem. Just change the name of it to Gruntfile.js (replacing the empty one) and then restart your local server.

Auto-importing data through zapier.

Instructions for setting up auto imports of data are in your CMS.