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Automatically update nodejs app on Git push


nodemon - restart nodejs app on code changes webhook - execute scripts on received webhooks relay - route public webhooks to localhost

  1. Start webhook
$ webhook -hooks hooks.json -verbose
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 version 2.6.8 starting
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 setting up os signal watcher
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 attempting to load hooks from hooks.json
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 os signal watcher ready
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 found 1 hook(s) in file
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 	loaded: webhook
[webhook] 2018/07/15 22:38:47 serving hooks on{id}
  1. Start relay
$ relay forward -b exec http://localhost:9000/webhook       
Forwarding: -> http://localhost:9000/webhook
Starting webhook relay agent... 
1.5316908625848284e+09	info	webhook relay ready...	{"host": ""}

Copy your public ( webhooks endpoint to your github repository's webhook settings.

  1. Initialise dependencies and start nodemon:
$ npm install 
$ npm run nodemon
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