Allows you to keep track of what you are doing on your PC with a csv file. (Fork from original source code from Dana Hanna)
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Time Management by Dana Hanna allows you to keep track of what you are doing on your PC. 
I plan on using it to help me fill out my timesheet at the office. 
The application resides in the systray, and writes to a CSV file each 
time you switch applications, or the title bar of the current app changes.

File format:
[date],[time],[process name],[window title],[duration used]

There is no built in reporting capability, but a simple Excel pivot table produces a 
spectacular table and chart. I'd assume Open Office has a similar feature.

Compiled exe is available in the downloads section.

"Thx for a great app! I am a computer techncian and have put it on my U3 Flash Drive. Now if a customer has a virus or any software issue I plug in my thumbdrive start Time Management (optionally I can have it start on insertion). Now I go about resolving the issue. When I am done I have a record of not only the amount of time spent but also a log showing the utilities I ran to resolve the issue. The only downside I have with this setup so far is I have to dig through the Application Data directory to find the csv file? I am not a developer but plan to have one look at the source for me... I just really wanted to tell you the cool ways I am using this app! Keep up the good work!"