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MUST DO ----------------------------------
* Unit Tests
* Functional Tests
* Pagination
FEATURE REQUESTS -------------------------
* Close off "other"
* is_demographic?
* Encouragement and interstitials (movie trivia! nypl arcana! video game levels! scavenger hunt!)
* Reports
** SVG graphs/charts
* Public Interface (respondees) vs. Semi-Public Interface (interested parties) vs. admin (adding new questions)
* Different Kinds of Questions
** Get Card Sorts working
** Proximity
** Five second comparison
** Five second best and worst
** Five second five things
* "Distributor" for referring users to a random Infomaki instance.
* Automatic withdrawal of question when threshold of responses reached
* Priority weighting of questions
* RSS/Atom feeds when result threshold reached
** Designers can subscribe to RSS feeds
* Comments on results
** Make results commentable by other institutions - RADICAL OPENNESS
* Trouble tickets/feature requests part of this app?
* Tags and groups for questions
* Show "The Pool", "All Questions"
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