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Forms and validation code for user registration.
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django import forms
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from registration.models import RegistrationProfile
# I put this on all required fields, because it's easier to pick up
# on them with CSS or JavaScript if they have a class of "required"
# in the HTML. Your mileage may vary. If/when Django ticket #3515
# lands in trunk, this will no longer be necessary.
attrs_dict = { 'class': 'required' }
class RegistrationForm(forms.Form):
Form for registering a new user account.
Validates that the requested username is not already in use, and
requires the password to be entered twice to catch typos.
Subclasses should feel free to add any additional validation they
need, but should either preserve the base ``save()`` or implement
a ``save()`` method which returns a ``User``.
username = forms.RegexField(regex=r'^\w+$',
email = forms.EmailField(widget=forms.TextInput(attrs=dict(attrs_dict,
label=_(u'email address'))
password1 = forms.CharField(widget=forms.PasswordInput(attrs=attrs_dict, render_value=False),
password2 = forms.CharField(widget=forms.PasswordInput(attrs=attrs_dict, render_value=False),
label=_(u'password (again)'))
def clean_username(self):
Validate that the username is alphanumeric and is not already
in use.
user = User.get_by_key_name("key_"+self.cleaned_data['username'].lower())
if user:
raise forms.ValidationError(_(u'This username is already taken. Please choose another.'))
return self.cleaned_data['username']
def clean(self):
Verifiy that the values entered into the two password fields
match. Note that an error here will end up in
``non_field_errors()`` because it doesn't apply to a single
if 'password1' in self.cleaned_data and 'password2' in self.cleaned_data:
if self.cleaned_data['password1'] != self.cleaned_data['password2']:
raise forms.ValidationError(_(u'You must type the same password each time'))
return self.cleaned_data
def save(self, domain_override=""):
Create the new ``User`` and ``RegistrationProfile``, and
returns the ``User`` (by calling
new_user = RegistrationProfile.objects.create_inactive_user(username=self.cleaned_data['username'],
return new_user
class RegistrationFormTermsOfService(RegistrationForm):
Subclass of ``RegistrationForm`` which adds a required checkbox
for agreeing to a site's Terms of Service.
tos = forms.BooleanField(widget=forms.CheckboxInput(attrs=attrs_dict),
label=_(u'I have read and agree to the Terms of Service'),
error_messages={ 'required': u"You must agree to the terms to register" })
class RegistrationFormUniqueEmail(RegistrationForm):
Subclass of ``RegistrationForm`` which enforces uniqueness of
email addresses.
def clean_email(self):
Validate that the supplied email address is unique for the
email = self.cleaned_data['email'].lower()
if User.all().filter('email =', email).count(1):
raise forms.ValidationError(_(u'This email address is already in use. Please supply a different email address.'))
return email
class RegistrationFormNoFreeEmail(RegistrationForm):
Subclass of ``RegistrationForm`` which disallows registration with
email addresses from popular free webmail services; moderately
useful for preventing automated spam registrations.
To change the list of banned domains, subclass this form and
override the attribute ``bad_domains``.
bad_domains = ['', '', '', '',
'', '', '',
'', '', '', '']
def clean_email(self):
Check the supplied email address against a list of known free
webmail domains.
email_domain = self.cleaned_data['email'].split('@')[1]
if email_domain in self.bad_domains:
raise forms.ValidationError(_(u'Registration using free email addresses is prohibited. Please supply a different email address.'))
return self.cleaned_data['email']
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