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Request-Response Cycle

Your application :doc:`requests a resource </requesting-a-resource>`.

This request includes the url of the resource you want to retrieve, the callback URL where you want the resource to be sent when it has been retrieved and, optionally, a set of headers to be sent with the retrieval request.

The response you receive includes a json-encoded string. That's the :ref:`request ID <requesting-a-resource-success-request>`. You'll want to make a note of that somewhere.

Your request to retrieve a resource has been put into a queue. The request will probably be handled quite quickly but not instantly. Some time will pass before your request has completed.

… let's wait. Something will happen eventually …

Your request completed and was successful. That's good.

A json-encoded :doc:`response object </callback-responses>` is sent in a POST request to the callback URL that you specified in your request.