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Attempting to improve the 3d transforms slide.

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commit 62d34d4266303e367d256348082a7ac01d9aeaba 1 parent e4a2c8c
Tiffany Brown authored
8 demos/styles/transformsinaction.css
@@ -77,3 +77,11 @@
-ms-transition: -ms-transform 500ms linear;
transition: transform 500ms linear;
+ -webkit-perspective: 1000px;
+ -o-perspective: 1000px;
+ -moz-perspective: 1000px;
+ -ms-perspective: 1000px;
+ perspective: 1000px;
4 index.html
@@ -1595,7 +1595,9 @@
<h2>3D Transforms in action</h2>
- <div id="threeDtransformObj" class="stdemo stdemotrans"></div>
+ <div id="threeDtransformObjWrap">
+ <div id="threeDtransformObj" class="stdemo stdemotrans"></div>
+ </div>
<form id="threeDtransforms">
<p><button type="button" id="rotate3d">rotate3d</button>
<button type="button" id="scale3d">scale3d</button>
4 notes/4.html
@@ -13,9 +13,9 @@
<h1>Prefixes still required</h1>
<li>Internet Explorer 10 supports some 2D transforms without a prefix.</li>
- <li>Firefox 16 will remove prefixes for transforms as well, but not available as a stable release just yet.</li>
+ <li>Firefox 16 will remove prefixes for some transforms. Available in the Aurora channel, but not yet as a release.</li>
<li>Prefixes for backward compatibility</li>
- <li>Or use something like SaSS or prefix-free</li>
+ <li>Or use something like SaSS, Compass, or prefix-free</li>
<p><a class="big" href="5.html">NEXT</a></p>
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