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Webino Development Kit

Build Status

Application and module development toolkit for Webino developers.

Quick Install

wget -qO- | sh


NOTE: Consider to use a nvm e.g. nvm install 0.10 to install Node.js.


  • Package initialization & updating
  • Live front-end development support
  • Source code analysis
  • API generation
  • Testing environment configuration
  • Unit & acceptance testing
  • Acceptance testing video recording
  • Firefox browser testing by default

NOTE: User acceptance testing automation is powered by Firefox browser out of the box. Using Chrome or other browsers requires setting driver system variable, which is not currently implemented.


sudo npm install webino-devkit -g --unsafe-perm

NOTE: We use the --unsafe-perm flag allowing post-install of required PHP libraries via composer.


Run webino from the command line.

Module development

Go to a Webino module directory and run one of the following commands.

Updating clone

  • webino update

Environment configuration

  • webino configure

Open test site in a web browser

  • webino show

Live development (browser-sync & watch)

  • webino dev


Unit testing

Unit tests with violations check

  • webino test

using filter

  • webino test --filter testMyExample

Acceptance testing


  • webino selenium

using filter

  • webino selenium --filter testMyExample

with options

  • webino selenium:<browser> -uri http://localhost:8080/

with application reconfiguration

  • webino uat:<browser> -uri http://localhost:8080/

using environment variables instead

  • BROWSER=<browser> URI=http://localhost:8080/ webino uat

NOTE: Replace the <browser> with any supported Selenium browser: htmlunit, firefox, chrome, ... NOTE: Location of the testing site could be any than http://localhost:8080/.

disable tests video recording

  • R=0 webino uat

run tests on foreground (without Xvfb) and disable video recording

  • X=0 webino uat


Analyze package source, generate logs, todos etc.

  • webino analyze

Documentation generator


Generate API doc

  • webino api

Open API in a web browser

  • webino show-api

Package distribution

Publish new module to the GitHub repository

  • webino publish

NOTE: It initializes local Git with GitFlow and then pushes to the newly created GitHub repository.


  • Upgrade to PHP 7
  • Upgrade to Selenium 3
  • Add webino-generator module
  • Get rid of install with unsafe-perm

More information

Read more on How to develop Webino modules


Please, if you are interested in this development kit report any issues and don't hesitate to contribute.

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