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Webinos Travel

Webinos Travel is a cross-device travel manager. Travel plans can be created and updated on any webinos-enabled CE device. The itineraries are synced across the devices within a personal zone. Webinos travel lets you directly interact with the on-board naviation system.

Webions travel


  • Create and udpate travel plans on your smartphone, tablet, dekstop and laptop PC
  • Create and update poin-of-interests on your smartphoe, tablet, desktop and laptop PC
  • Personal data is synced across all your devices without storing the data on backend infrastructure
  • Last mile navigation to POIs for pedestrians on your smartphone or tablet
  • Interaction with the on-board navigation system

Supported platforms

  • webinos travel has been made for webinos v0.6.
  • Linux, Windows, OS X, (Android)


webions travel works as a general web page. Just copy the folder into the test or web_root/app of the webinos platform.