DEPRECATED Consider using webinos-pzp and webinos-pzh instead
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NOTICE: This repository is not maintained anymore. The contents have been split into a set of smaller repositories and the development continues at

A list of implemented APIs is available at

Secure Web Operating System Application Delivery Environment.

webinos is an EU-funded project and affiliate program aiming to define and deliver an Open Source Platform and software components for the Future Internet in the form of web runtime extensions, to enable web applications and services to be used and shared consistently and securely over a broad spectrum of converged and connected devices, including mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car units.

Build instructions:

See the developer portal

Short version of the building process

  • Install all dependencies (libraries, toolset etc)
  • Clone this repository
  • npm install

Report a bug:

Issue tracker

Resources for Newcomers


The webinos platform is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for more datails.