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Webinos API implementation based on W3C geolocation

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webinos geolocation API

Service Type:

The geolocation API is based on W3C geolocation.


To install the geolocation API you will need to npm the node module inside the webinos pzp.

For end users, you can simply open a command prompt in the root of your webinos-pzp and do:

npm install

For developers that want to tweak the API, you should fork this repository and clone your fork inside the node_module of your pzp.

cd node_modules
git clone<your GitHub account>/webinos-api-geolocation.git
cd webinos-api-geolocation
npm install

Getting a reference to the service

To discover the service you will have to search for the "" type. Example:

var serviceType = "";
webinos.discovery.findServices( new ServiceType(serviceType), 
        onFound: serviceFoundFn, 
        onError: handleErrorFn
function serviceFoundFn(service){
    // Do something with the service
function handleErrorFn(error){
    // Notify user

Alternatively you can use the webinos dashboard to allow the user choose the geolocation API to use. Example:{
 }).onAction(function successFn(data){
      if (data.result.length > 0){
        // User selected some services


Once you have a reference to an instance of a service you can use the following methods:

getCurrentPosition(positionCB, positionErrorCB, positionOptions)

getCurrentPosition method retrieves the current position

  • The param positionCB is called with the current position in case of success
  • The param positionErrorCB an Error callback.
  • positionOptions is an optional object to configure the behaviour of getCurrentPosition.

watchPosition(positionCB, positionErrorCB, positionOptions)

watchPosition method registers a listener for position updates.

  • The param positionCB Callbacks for position updates.
  • The param positionErrorCB an Error callback.
  • The param positionOptions an Optional options.


clearWatch method clears a listener registered with watch Position

  • The watchId parameter as returned by


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