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import se.webinventions.plugins.artisteer.TemplateService
class ArtisteerpluginGrailsPlugin {
// the plugin version
def version = "0.4"
// the version or versions of Grails the plugin is designed for
def grailsVersion = "1.3.4 > *"
// the other plugins this plugin depends on
def dependsOn = ["fckeditor":"*>0.9"];
// resources that are excluded from plugin packaging
def pluginExcludes = [
// TODO Fill in these fields
def author = "Per Sundberg"
def authorEmail = ""
def title = "Artisteer plugin"
def description = '''\\
Plugin that provides a simple script for unpacking artisteer zip file templates to grails. The plugin automatically
unzips the template, creates a corresponding gsp layout file which links to an unpacked version of the artisteer template.
The gsp contains applyLayout links to other layouts that the user can customize which includes footer, title, and menurendering.
Examples of tags that can be used can be found under each corresponding layout file.
The plugin also provides a controller which makes it possible to upload templates on the fly with a controller.
The plugin is however at this stage only meant to work offline to import templates from artisteer. It works with artisteer 2.5,
and haven't been tried with artisteer 3.0. Please find the sources on github:
// URL to the plugin's documentation
def documentation = ""
def doWithWebDescriptor = { xml ->
// TODO Implement additions to web.xml (optional), this event occurs before
def doWithSpring = {
// TODO Implement runtime spring config (optional)
def doWithDynamicMethods = { ctx ->
// TODO Implement registering dynamic methods to classes (optional)
def doWithApplicationContext = { applicationContext ->
// TODO Implement post initialization spring config (optional)
def onChange = { event ->
// TODO Implement code that is executed when any artefact that this plugin is
// watching is modified and reloaded. The event contains: event.source,
// event.application, event.manager, event.ctx, and event.plugin.
def onConfigChange = { event ->
// TODO Implement code that is executed when the project configuration changes.
// The event is the same as for 'onChange'.