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Same Side Classification

Identifying (classifying) the stance of an argument towards a particular topic is a fundamental task in computational argumentation. The stance of an argument as considered here is a two-valued function: it can either be ''pro'' a topic (= yes, I agree), or ''con'' a topic (= no, I do not agree).

With the new task » same side (stance) classification« we address a simpler variant of this problem: Given two arguments regarding a certain topic, the task is to decide whether or not the two arguments have the same stance.

Task: Same Side Classification

Given two arguments on the same topic, decide whether they have the same or opposite stance towards the topic. 


We have two experimental settings:

  • Within: Train on a set of topics and evaluate on the same set of topics.
  • Cross: Train on one topic and evaluate on another topic. We choose the 2 topics with highest number of arguments: abortion and gay marriage.


Data source:,,,

The data folder contains the training and testing data, for cross and within topics. You can split the training data as you like in order to train your model. After that, the model will be evaluated using the test data.

For more details, visit

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