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A WebJars packaging of OpenSeadragon
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This repository contains a WebJars packaging of OpenSeadragon. To build the package (and run its integration tests), type:

mvn install


WebJars are client-side web libraries that are packaged into Java Archive (JAR) files. In addition to being available in the downloadable JAR files, these libraries' files are also accessible through jsDelivr, a free CDN (Content Delivery Network). OpenSeadragon, the JavaScript library available through this WebJars package, is an open-source, web-based viewer for zoomable images.

Links related to this project:


BSD 3-Clause License (the same license as the packaged OpenSeadragon project)


Kevin S. Clarke <>

If you have questions about WebJars-OpenSeadragon, feel free to ask them on the FreeLibrary Projects mailing list; or, if you encounter a problem, please feel free to open an issue in the project's issue queue.

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