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#pragma once
using namespace System;
using namespace System::Runtime::InteropServices;
using namespace WebKit::Interop;
using namespace WebKit::JSCore;
namespace WebKit {
namespace JSCore {
ref class JSContext;
ref class JSObject;
public ref class JSValue
JSValueRef _value;
JSContext ^ _context;
virtual String ^ ToString() override;
// JSValueRef.h functions
// properties
property bool IsUndefined { bool get(); };
property bool IsNull { bool get(); };
property bool IsBoolean { bool get(); };
property bool IsNumber { bool get(); };
property bool IsString { bool get(); };
property bool IsObject { bool get(); };
// conversion methods
String ^ ToJSONString();
bool ToBoolean();
double ToNumber();
JSObject ^ ToObject();
void Protect();
void Unprotect();
JSValue(JSContext ^ context, JSValueRef value);
}} // namespace WebKit::JSCore
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