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An easy way to track your page or project views ("hits") of any GitHub or online project.

Generate your own:

Table of Contents


  • Serving over HTTPS (TLS) using your own certificates, or provisioned automatically using
  • HSTS ready to restrict your browser clients to always use HTTPS
  • Configurable read and write timeouts to avoid stale clients consuming server resources
  • Reverse proxy ready
  • Configurable CORS to restrict access to specific domains
  • Configurable api prefix to serve the API alongside other APIs on the same host
  • Optional round trip optimization by enabling TCP Fast Open
  • Integrated rate limit (quota) for your clients (per client IP) based on requests per time interval; several backends such as in-memory map (for single instance), or redis or memcache for distributed deployments are supported


Download and unpack a fitting pre-compiled binary or build a binary yourself by by following the build instructions.

Continue by configuring your application:

gohits -http=:8080 -gui gui -save

Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/ to verify everything is working.

Please take a look at the available options for further details.

Server Options

To see all the available options, use the -help option:

gohits -help


CLI Config Type Default Description
-http HTTP string localhost:8080 Address in form of ip:port to listen
-https HTTPS string Address in form of ip:port to listen
-write-timeout WRITE_TIMEOUT int 15000000000 Write timeout in nanoseconds for HTTP and HTTPS client connections
-read-timeout READ_TIMEOUT int 30000000000 Read timeout in nanoseconds for HTTP and HTTPS client connections
-tcp-fast-open TCP_FAST_OPEN bool false Enable TCP fast open
-tcp-naggle TCP_NAGGLE bool false Enable TCP Nagle's algorithm
-http2 HTTP2 bool true Enable HTTP/2 when TLS is enabled
-hsts HSTS string
-key KEY string key.pem X.509 key file for HTTPS server
-cert CERT string cert.pem X.509 certificate file for HTTPS server


CLI Config Type Default Description
-letsencrypt LETSENCRYPT bool false Enable automatic TLS using
-letsencrypt-email LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL string Optional email to register with letsencrypt
-letsencrypt-hosts LETSENCRYPT_HOSTS string Comma separated list of hosts for the certificate
-letsencrypt-cert-dir LETSENCRYPT_CERT_DIR string Letsencrypt cert dir

Middlewares & Extensions

CLI Config Type Default Description
-use-x-forwarded-for USE_X_FORWARDED_FOR bool false Use the X-Forwarded-For header when available (e.g. behind proxy)
-cors-origin CORS_ORIGIN string * Comma separated list of CORS origins endpoints
-api-prefix API_PREFIX string / API endpoint prefix
-gui GUI string Web gui directory
-session-lifetime SESSION_LIFETIME int 1200000000000 Session lifetime of an counted visitor (default 20min)
-pong-wait PONG_WAIT int 24000000000 Time allowed to read the next pong message from the peer. (default 24s)
-ping-period PING_PERIOD int 12000000000 Send pings to peer with this period. Must be less than pong-wait. (default 12s)
Rate limiting & Quota management
CLI Config Type Default Description
-quota-burst QUOTA_BURST int 3 Max requests per source IP per request burst
-quota-interval QUOTA_INTERVAL int 3600000000000 Quota expiration interval, per source IP querying the API in nanoseconds
-quota-max QUOTA_MAX int 1 "Max requests per source IP per interval; set 0 to turn quotas off


CLI Config Type Default Description
-logtostdout LOGTOSTDOUT bool false Log to stdout instead of stderr
-log-file LOG_FILE string Log file location
-logtimestamp LOGTIMESTAMP bool true Prefix non-access logs with timestamp


CLI Config Type Default Description
-silent SILENT bool false Disable HTTP and HTTPS log request details
-config string conf/settings.config Config file path
-save bool false Save config
-version bool false Show version and exit
-help bool false Show help and exit

If you're using to provision your TLS certificates, you have to listen for HTTPS on port 443. Following is an example of the server listening on 2 different ports: http (80) and https (443):

gohits \
    -http=:8080 \
    -https=:8443 \
    -hsts=max-age=31536000 \
    -letsencrypt \ \
    -gui gui \
$ cat conf/settings.config
    "HTTP": ":8080",
    "HTTPS": ":8443",
    "HSTS": "max-age=31536000",
    "LETSENCRYPT": true,

By default, HTTP/2 is enabled over HTTPS. You can disable by passing the -http2=false flag.

If the web server is running behind a reverse proxy or load balancer, you have to run it passing the -use-x-forwarded-for parameter and provide the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header in all requests. This is for the gohits web server be able to log the client IP, and to perform correctly identify new hits.


The API is served by endpoints that encode the response in different formats.

curl :8080/json/{username}/{repository}

Same semantics are available for the /xml/{username}/{repository} and /csv/{username}/{repository} endpoints.



Name Value type JSON XML CSV
Username string username Username 0
Repository string repository Repository 1
Total int total Total 2
Created at datetime created_at CreatedAt 3
Updated at datetime updated_at UpdatedAt 4


curl :8080/csv/webklex/gohits
webklex,gohits,55,2020-09-11 07:01:23,2020-09-12 00:10:07


curl :8080/xml/webklex/gohits


curl :8080/json/webklex/gohits
  "username": "webklex",
  "repository": "gohits",
  "total": 55,
  "created_at": "2020-09-11T07:01:23.252745204+02:00",
  "updated_at": "2020-09-12T00:10:07.7275806+02:00"


Url: :8080/ws

You can subscribe to specific channels or to all in order to receive all recent hits.


Subscribe to channel all:

  "name": "subscribe",
  "payload": "all"

Subscribe to channel webklex/gohits:

  "name": "subscribe",
  "payload": "webklex/gohits"

Delete a the subscription of all:

  "name": "unsubscribe",
  "payload": "all"


00:26:07 webklex/gohits


You can build your own binaries by calling build_dir


Create a new file like /etc/systemd/system/gohits.service and add the following:







Start the service and check for any errors.

systemctl start gohits.service

Features & pull requests

Everyone can contribute to this project. Every pull request will be considered but it can also happen to be declined. To prevent unnecessary work, please consider to create a feature issue first, if you're planning to do bigger changes. Of course you can also create a new feature issue if you're just wishing a feature ;)

Off topic, rude or abusive issues will be deleted without any notice.


If you encounter any problems or if you find a bug, please don't hesitate to create a new issue. However please be aware that it might take some time to get an answer.

If you need immediate or commercial support, feel free to send me a mail at

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


An easy way to track your page or project views ("hits") of any GitHub or online project.







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