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WebLab-Deusto is a remote laboratory management framework developed in the University of Deusto. A remote laboratory is a software and hardware solution that enables students to access equipment which is physically located in a university, secondary school or research centre. There are many types of remote laboratories (for physics, chemistry, electronics...). What WebLab-Deusto does is:

  1. provide a set of APIs to develop new remote laboratories.
  2. maintain remote laboratories developed on top of WebLab-Deusto: manage users, permissions, user tracking, scheduling, etc.
  3. share remote laboratories developed on top of WebLab-Deusto: let other universities or secondary schools use your laboratories.
  4. use remote laboratories provided by other universities (such as the University of Deusto).

If you want to see examples of running laboratories, try the demo version at:


WebLab-Deusto is Open Source and Free Software. It is distributed under the BSD 2-clause license (more info), as you may find in the COPYING file which is distributed with the software.


Check the docs at:


The full instructions to install the development version are here.


For technical issues, please use the Google Group:!forum/weblabdeusto

For contacting the WebLab-Deusto team, contact us at:

Consultancy services

LabsLand is a spin-off of the WebLab-Deusto project:

  1. LabsLand provides consultancy services (assisting creators of laboratories to build or maintain their labs)
  2. LabsLand sells and deploys a wide variety of remote laboratories
  3. LabsLand sells accesses to existing remote laboratories

See more information and contact LabsLand at: