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******** Codeigniter Google Wallet Library ********

Author : Ankit Sakhareliya
Designation : Project Manager at Weblounge Inc,
Website :

A PHP implementation of google wallet Digital Goods 

1. Install apache HTTP Server
2. Install PHP5 or above.

Steps to run this sample application

1. Make sure "allow_url_include" option is enabled in php.ini file.

2. Replace ./application directory with your project ./application directory

3. Sign up for google wallet ditigal goods at

    Sandbox :
    Production :
    And get seller Id and seller secret Id.
4.  Open application/config/google_wallet.php file and replace issuerId and secretKey with your account Ids.

5. You can now visit http://localhost/CI_google_wallet/index.php/pay_with_google in your browser to see the application in action.