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The webLyzard API

Build Status (Java API)

Provides access to all webLyzard Web services through a Python and Java library.

Full Documentation is available at


The API needs to know the URL, user and password used for the Web service. These data may be

  1. passed by a client at class initialization, or
  2. automatically set by the means of the following environment variables:

this is also the preferred way for running unit tests.

The preferred way for setting these variables is using .bash_profile.

export WEBLYZARD_API_USER="user"
export WEBLYZARD_API_PASS="pass"
export OGER_API_URL="oger_api_url"

Do not set WEBLYZARD_API_USER and WEBLYZARD_API_PASS if your Web service does not require authentication.

If you have already set the variables using .bash_profile, when you run a script from the command line is also recommended to use:

source ~/.bash_profile

Runtime Configuration for Eclipse

To run the unit tests in eclipse, the environment variables have to be set in the runtime configuration:


Available interfaces:

The following interfaces are currently available for weblyzard_api:

  • domain specificity: document relevance in regard of a particular domain)
  • FlowClient: the webLyzard document API
  • GenericAnnotationClient: all Web services implementing the AnnotationService interfaces
  • Jeremia: text pre-processing (pos tagger, dependency parser, sentence splitter, languag detection)
  • Jairo: Semantic enrichment
  • Jesaja: keyword extraction
  • Joel: keyword and document clustering
  • John Doe: anonymization service
  • Joseph: text classification
  • OpenRDF: access OpenRDF linked open data repositories
  • Recognize: named entity recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis:

Python API


The following two dependencies might need to be installed manually: libxml and libxslt.

running test for jeremia

weblyzard_api/tests/python/client$ python "Ehre sei Gott!"


Example scripts are available in the example directory.

  • examples/keywords/ - example keywords and pre-processing script.

Programming Guidelines

  • Required documentation for public methods
    • docstring explaining what the method does
    • a unit test demonstrating the method's usage in the wild.
  • commits must pass all unit tests
  • verify code quality for merge requests (mvn sonar:sonar)

To activate the java client debugging (logging requests / responses etc) set the environment variable ENV_WEBLYZARD_API_DEBUG to true:


Deploying the maven artifacts

Deploy to the private semanticlab maven repository:

mvn deploy -Denvironment=semanticlab

The environment semanticlab is set as the default maven environment, so running

mvn deploy

deploys to the private semanticlab repository.

Deploying to the public mavencentral:

mvn deploy -Denvironment=mavencentral

Java API Changelog

Please refer to the releases page.