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0.2 - Alpha

  • Focus on progressing Butter to a proper Alpha stage, where no major bugs are present
  • 0.2

0.3 - UI Reconstruction for Scalability

  • Restructure and refocus user interface
  • 0.3

0.4 - Editor, Plugin UI & Player Plugin Support

  • Build importer to scrape DOM's to populate object database
  • Allow editors for plugins, provided by authors of plugins
  • Remap UI to focus on webpage+timeline combination
  • 0.4

0.5 - Wizards, Layouts, Editor Plugin Completeness

  • Create wizard to guide user through startup of Butter
  • Using importer from 0.4, Layouts can be used to start users off with suggestions
  • Editors for core popcorn plugins created
  • 0.5
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