Sample WordPress child themes mainly for WebMan Design WordPress themes.
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Child theme

This is a sample child theme created mainly for WebMan Design WordPress themes.

If your theme contains an automatic child theme generator, you can use that one instead ;) Just check your WordPress theme documentation.


You can download the installable theme ZIP package, the file directly from this repository. Read instructions below for how to set the theme up before installing!

How to use this child theme?

  1. Open the style.css file and change the following:
  • CHILD_THEME_NAME - change this to your desired child theme name,
  • PARENT_THEME_SLUG - change this to the desired parent theme folder name (for example, if you are using Reykjavik WordPress theme, set this to reykjavik),
  1. Open the functions.php file and change the following:
  • CHILD_THEME_SLUG - change this to your child theme folder name, replacing all - with _ (for example, the default child theme folder name is child-theme, so you should use child_theme instead),
  1. Upload the theme via FTP to YOUR_WORDPRESS_INSTALLATION_FOLDER/wp-content/themes/ folder, or ZIP your new child theme and upload it via WordPress dashboard,
  2. In your WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance » Themes and activate your child theme.

You can then put any custom CSS into the style.css file and any custom PHP code into the functions.php file.

If you need to override the whole parent theme file, just copy it into your child theme, keeping the sub-folders structure, and edit the file there. However, in most cases this is not needed as WebMan Design WordPress themes provides lot of hooks so you don't have to change the whole files. For tips on these, please ask at WebMan Design support forums.