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* Release 0.3.0 *
- Support for a bunch of platforms has been added (Windows, Ubuntu, Ruby 1.9)
- git_remote_branch now has actual online documentation:
- give useful error message if grb can't find the git executable
- track now works even if you already have a local branch of the same name
- it uses git config instead of branch --track in that case
- the difference can be seen by running
- grb explain track master
- grb explain track non_existent_branch
- Let you force the usage of a specific git executable by setting the environment variable GRB_GIT to point to it. It's pretty much undocumented for now, except for this mention :-) The tests for the useful error message use this feature. So it works.
* Release 0.2.6 *
Three new actual features
- grb rename, contributed by Caio Chassot (
- grb publish, to make available and track a local branch
- the --silent option, if you want to use grb in a script
And other stuff
- the grb bin file now works when symlinked (also thanks to Caio Chassot)
- Lots and lots of unit and functional tests
- bug fixes
- more flexibility for running grb outside of a git repository (e.g. for 'explain' or 'help')
- Now officially under the MIT license
- refactored a bunch of rake tasks
Versions lost in time:
0.2.1, 0.2.2, 0.2.3, 0.2.4