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A tool to simplify working with remote branches
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==== Why git_remote_branch? ====

The basic idea for git_remote_branch is to trivialize the interaction with
remote branches in simple situations. 

For now git_remote_branch assumes that the local and remote branches have the
same name. Multiple origins are supported.

Another goal of git_remote_branch is to help teach the real underlying git
commands. Each operation done on your behalf is displayed at the console.

==== Installation ====

sudo gem install webmat-git_remote_branch --source=

Note: don't add as a permanent source for your gems. Check out for more information on the matter. If you've included 
it already and find yourself in trouble, check out

==== Usage ====

- parts between brackets are optional
- When 'origin_server' is not specified, the name 'origin' is assumed.

Available commands (with aliases):

== Help ==

$ grb [-h]    #=> Displays help

== create (alias: new) ==
Create a new local branch as well as a corresponding remote branch from the
branch you are currently on.
Automatically track the new remote branch (useful for pulling and merging).
Switch to the new branch.

$ grb create branch_name [origin_server]

== delete (aliases: destroy, kill, remove) ==
Delete the remote branch then delete the local branch.
The local branch is not deleted if there are pending changes.

$ grb delete branch_name [origin_server]

== track (aliases: follow grab fetch) ==
Track an existing remote branch locally.

$ grb track branch_name [origin_server]

== rename (aliases: rn, mv, move) ==
Rename the remote branch by copying and deleting the old name.
Checkout a new local tracking branch with the new name and delete the branch
with the old name.
branch_name is the new name, the old name is always the current branch's

$ grb rename branch_name [origin_server]

== explain ==

All commands can be prepended by the word 'explain'.  Instead of executing the
command, git_remote_branch will simply output the list of commands you need to
run to accomplish that goal.

$ grb explain create
git_remote_branch version 0.2.2

List of operations to do to create a new remote branch and track it locally:

git push origin master:refs/heads/branch_to_create
git fetch origin
git branch --track branch_to_create origin/branch_to_create
git checkout branch_to_create

$ grb explain create my_branch github
git_remote_branch version 0.2.2

List of operations to do to create a new remote branch and track it locally:

git push github master:refs/heads/my_branch
git fetch github
git branch --track my_branch github/my_branch
git checkout my_branch

==== History ====

This script was originally created by Carl Mercier and made public on his blog

No nonsense GIT, part 1: git-remote-branch

I'm using it as a starting point to make it even easier to interact with remote

=== Contributors ===

- Mathieu Martin
- Carl Mercier    (Carl: want your email here?)
- Caio Chassot
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