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Community-introduced and widely adopted PWA logo






PWA letters with an emphasis on the "W" with different colors, textures or graphics. The cuts between the letters remind of the // in the URL. It can be used in dark or light fonts, and can easily be adapted into icons, stickers, or other use cases.

Logo is based in a dark or light font, in order for it to adapt to many use scenarios. It can be used in any color. It is suggested that the W stands out in order to highlight the "Web" part of PWA. Nonetheless all three letters in one looks also great! It is your logo, feel free to adapt it. Base colors are:

base colors

Vector source:

The easiest way to start using the logo is getting a vector file. You can create and download your own SVG file with color combination at (also a PWA!)


Demo example usage:


It can be used with other logos (examples here show different browsers that support PWAs, a React version, or a WebVR like app that itself is a PWA. You can play around and put your company logo as well.) Looks great for stickers!

Rasterized Use-Ready sources (quick way to just pop them in presentations, docs, etc)

High Res PNG: (2048px width)



High Res JPG: (2048px width)


High Res GIF: (2048px width)



SVG Source File Download

Appstores-like buttons



Thanks to for this contribution


Get creative. This logo will look great in any environment you put it on. That's what it was made for. :) Enjoy!


Feel free to post and share remixed uses and creations in the comments. Would love to see how the logo, as the PWA themselves, adapt to different scenarios like slides, posts, and swag. :)

Some key usecases

Google I/O 2018 (screenshot by Maximiliano Firtman) io2018

Microsoft Build 2018 msbuild2018


The licence is , i.e. dedicated to the public domain.