@whsdevops whsdevops released this Dec 11, 2018

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  • Uninstall-CService now kills a service's process when that service stops but is actually still running. This should decrease the frequency of needing to reboot a computer when uninstalling a service.
  • Added C prefix to all Carbon commands, with aliases from old command names to new ones to maintain backwards compatability.
  • Added bin\Use-CarbonPrefix.ps1 script to Carbon that will update files to use the new Carbon function names.
  • Get-CCertificate: Added Path note property to returned objects.
  • Fixed: Chocolatey uninstaller fails if the PSModulePath environment variable contains trailing or sequential semicolons.
  • Grant-CPermission can now grant multiple permissions to an identity on files, directories, and registry items. Use the Append switch.
  • Carbon_Permission DSC resource can now grant multiple permissions to an identity on files, directories, and registry items. Use the Append property.

@whsdevops whsdevops released this Jul 8, 2018

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  • Enable-IisSecurityAuthentication and Disable-IisSecurityAuthentication sometimes hang. We don't know why, but we're working around the problem. These functions no longer always apply a configuration change. Instead, they only enable/disable security authentication if its not already enabled/disabled.
  • Install-Service now outputs a verbose message showing the command line arguments used when calling sc.exe to install/update a service.
  • Added ArgumentList property/parameter to Carbon_Service DSC resource. Thanks to Luigi Grilli for the contribution.
  • Fixed: Get-HttpUrlAcl returns no ACLs if any ACLs exist whose identities no longer exist.

@whsdevops whsdevops released this Jun 2, 2018

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Carbon takes 10 to 20 seconds to load. In trying to detect if the Win32_OptionalFeature class is available on the current operating system, it was actually loading all the Win32_OptionalFeature instances. Oops. Now, it just checks for the existence of the Win32_OptionalFeature class. Load times should now be about two to three seconds. (Fixes issue #35.)
  • Import-Carbon.ps1 now hides verbose messages typically shown by Import-Module and Remove-Module cmdlets.
  • Fixed: Assert-FirewallConfigurable fails on Windows 10.