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A Java API to send data to Leftronic dashboards
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Leftronic Java API

This is a simple Java API that wraps the Leftronic REST APIs documented here.


The easiest way to get started is to just add this dependency in to your Maven build:


If you don't use Maven, you can still find the jars in the central Maven repository. You'll also need the following dependencies:


The API is pretty straight forward if you've read the Leftronic API docs:

LeftronicClient client = new LeftronicClient("access_key", 4);

client.sendNumber("Number-Stream", 300);

client.sendGeoPoint("Geo-Stream", 45.8, -115.6);

Random r = new Random();
        new LeaderboardEntry("Ian", r.nextInt(100)),
        new LeaderboardEntry("Patrick", r.nextInt(100)),
        new LeaderboardEntry("Barney", r.nextInt(100)));

client.sendList("Test-Stream", "Fe", "Fi", "Fo", "Fum");

client.sendText("Test-Stream", "Custom Title", "This is a new message");

You can also wire up the LeftronicClient using dependency injection frameworks such as Guice. The constructor parameters are bound to the following @Named parameters:

  • @Named("leftronic.accessKey")
  • @Named("leftronic.maxThreads")

Note: The client always uses SSL to make it's HTTP requests and until we hear a good reason we won't be offering an option to change this.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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