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index_ecmd=The Dovecot server program $1 was not found on your system. Maybe it is not installed, or the <a href='$2'>module configuration</a> is incorrect.
index_econf=The Dovecot configuration file $1 was not found on your system. Maybe it is not installed, or the <a href='$2'>module configuration</a> is incorrect.
index_stop=Stop Dovecot Server
index_stopdesc=Shut down the running Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server process. This will prevent users from downloading their email.
index_start=Start Dovecot Server
index_startdesc=Start the Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server process, so that users can download their email.
index_apply=Apply Configuration
index_applydesc=Activate the current Dovecot configuration by stopping and re-starting the server process.
index_boot=Start at boot?
index_bootdesc=Change this setting to enable or disable starting the Dovecot server at system boot time.
index_return=module index
index_version=Version $1
stop_err=Failed to stop Dovecot
stop_erunning=No longer running
start_err=Failed to start Dovecot
start_eprotos=No protocols selected on the <b>Networking and Protocols</b> page
apply_err=Failed to apply configuration
net_title=Networking and Protocols
net_header=Dovecot networking and mail protocol options
net_protocols=Serve mail protocols
net_pop3s=POP3 (SSL)
net_imaps=IMAP (SSL)
net_ssl_disable=Accept SSL connections?
net_imap_listen=Interfaces for IMAP connections
net_pop3_listen=Interfaces for POP3 connections
net_imaps_listen=Interfaces for IMAP SSL connections
net_pop3s_listen=Interfaces for POP3 SSL connections
net_listen=Interfaces for non-SSL connections
net_ssl_listen=Interfaces for SSL connections
net_listen1=All IPv4 and IPv6
net_listen2=All IPv4
net_listen3=IP address
net_err=Failed to save networking options
net_eimap_listen=Invalid IP address for IMAP connections
net_epop3_listen=Invalid IP address for POP3 connections
net_eimaps_listen=Invalid IP address for IMAP SSL connections
net_epop3s_listen=Invalid IP address for POP3 SSL connections
net_elisten=Invalid IP address for non-SSL connections
net_essl_listen=Invalid IP address for SSL connections
imap_title=IMAP Options
pop3_title=POP3 Options
ssl_title=SSL Configuration
ssl_header=IMAP and POP3 SSL mode options
ssl_key=SSL private key file
ssl_cert=SSL certificate file
ssl_ca=SSL CA certificate file
ssl_pass=Password for key file
ssl_prompt=None needed
ssl_regen=Interval between SSL parameter regeneration
ssl_plain=Disallow plaintext authentication in non-SSL mode?
ssl_err=Failed to save SSL configuration
ssl_ekey=Missing or non-existent private key file
ssl_ecert=Missing or non-existent certificate file
ssl_eca=Missing or non-existent CA certificate file
ssl_eregen=Missing or non-numeric parameter regeneration interval
ssl_epass=No SSL key file password entered
misc_title=Other Options
login_title=User and Login Options
login_header=User authentication and login options
login_fuid=Minimum valid UID
login_luid=Maximum valid UID
login_fgid=Minimum valid group ID
login_lgid=Maximum valid group ID
login_extra=Additional granted secondary groups
login_chroot=Chroot directory for mail process
login_err=Failed to save user and login options
login_efuid=Missing or invalid numeric minimum UID
login_eluid=Missing or invalid numeric maximum UID
login_efgid=Missing or invalid numeric minimum group ID
login_elgid=Missing or invalid numeric maximum group ID
login_echroot=Missing or invalid chroot directory
login_realms=SASL authentication realms
login_realm=Default authentication realm
login_mechs=Authentication methods
login_userdb=Data source for users, homes and IDs
login_passwd=Standard Unix user database
login_passwdfile=Custom password file $1
login_static=Always use UID $1, GID $2 and home $3
login_vpopmail=VPOPMail library
login_ldap=LDAP, using config file $1
login_pgsql=PostgreSQL, using config file $1
login_sql=SQL database, using config file $1
login_passdb=Password authentication source
login_passwd2=Unix <tt>passwd</tt> file
login_shadow=Unix <tt>shadow</tt> file
login_dpam=Default PAM service (<tt>dovecot</tt>)
login_pam=PAM service $1
login_session=Open and close PAM sessions
login_pam2=PAM service $1<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;$2<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;Use cache key $3
login_other=Other Dovecot setting $1
login_epasswdfile=Missing or non-existent custom password file
login_euid=Missing or non-numeric UID
login_egid=Missing or non-numeric GID
login_ehome=Missing home directory
login_eldap=Missing or non-existent LDAP configuration file
login_epgsql=Missing or non-existent PostgreSQL configuration file
login_esql=Missing or non-existent SQL configuration file
login_eppam=Missing or invalid PAM service
login_bsdauth=BSD authentication<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;Use cache key $1
login_checkpassword=External program $1
login_eckey=Missing or invalid cache key
login_echeckpassword=Missing or invalid external password-checking program
login_procs=Maximum login processes
login_count=Initial login processes
login_eprocs=Missing or invalid maximum number of login processes
login_ecount=Missing or invalid initial number of login processes
mail_title=Mail Files
mail_header=Mail location and reading options
mail_env=Mail file location
mail_env0=Detect automatically
mail_env1=Inbox and folders in <tt>~/Maildir</tt>
mail_env2=Inbox under <tt>/var/mail</tt>, folders in <tt>~/mail</tt>
mail_env3=Inbox in <tt>~/Maildir</tt>, folders in <tt>~/mail</tt>
mail_env4=Other Dovecot location $1
mail_index=Index files location
mail_index0=Default (in Maildir directory)
mail_index1=In memory only
mail_index2=Other directory $1
mail_control=Control files location
mail_check=Interval between mail checks
mail_never=Never check
mail_idle=Interval between mail checks when idle
mail_full=Allow access to entire filesystem?
mail_crlf=Save email with CRLF line endings?
mail_change=Handle mail changes by other programs?
mail_umask=Permissions umask for new files
mail_err=Failed to save mail file options
mail_eenv=Missing or invalid-looking mail location
mail_echeck=Missing or non-numeric number of seconds between checks
mail_eidle=Missing or non-numeric number of seconds between checks when idle
mail_eumask=Missing or invalid four-digit octal Umask
mail_uidl=UIDL format
mail_uidl_none=Not set (WARNING - Dove may not start)
mail_uidl_dovecot=Old Dovecot, new Cyrus
mail_uidl_uw=UW ipop3d
mail_uidl_courier0=Courier version 0
mail_uidl_courier1=Courier version 1, old Cyrus
mail_uidl_courier2=Courier version 2
mail_euidl=Missing or invalid UIDL format
mail_last=Allow use of POP3 LAST command?
mail_lock=Index files locking method
mail_fcntl=fcntl function
mail_flock=flock function
mail_dotlock=.lock files
mail_lockf=lockf function
mail_mbox_read_locks=Mailbox read locking method
mail_mbox_write_locks=Mailbox write locking method
mail_sel=Selected below, in order ..
mail_embox_read_locks=No read locking methods selected
mail_embox_write_locks=No write locking methods selected
mail_eindexmode=The index files location cannot be set when the mail file location is detected automatically
mail_econtrolmode=The control files location cannot be set when the mail file location is detected automatically
mail_eindex=Missing or invalid absolute path for index files
mail_econtrol=Missing or invalid absolute path for control files
log_net=Changed Networking and Protocols
log_login=Changed User and Login Options
log_mail=Changed Mail Files
log_ssl=Changed SSL Configuration
log_apply=Applied Configuration
log_start=Started Dovecot Server
log_stop=Stopped Dovecot Server
log_bootup=Enabled Dovecot at boot time
log_bootdown=Disabled Dovecot at boot time
log_manual=Manually edited config file $1
manual_title=Edit Config Files
manual_editsel=Edit Dovecot configuration file
manual_err=Failed to save config file
manual_edata=Nothing entered!
manual_efile=Selected configuration file is not valid
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