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# Functions for parsing this module's logs
do '';
# parse_webmin_log(user, script, action, type, object, &params)
# Converts logged information from this module into human-readable form
sub parse_webmin_log
local ($user, $script, $action, $type, $object, $p, $long) = @_;
if ($type eq "conn") {
return &text('log_'.$action.'_conn', "<tt>$object</tt>");
elsif ($type eq "secret") {
if ($p->{'name'}) {
return &text('log_'.$action.'_secret', "<tt>$p->{'name'}</tt>");
else {
return &text('log_'.$action.'_secret_nn');
elsif ($action eq "up") {
return &text('log_up', "<tt>$object</tt>");
elsif ($action eq "policy") {
return &text('log_policy', $text{'policy_desc_'.$object} ||
&text('policy_desc', $object));
else {
return $text{'log_'.$action};
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