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line1=LDAP server options,11
ldap_host=LDAP server host,3,From NSS config file
ldap_port=LDAP server port,3,From NSS config file or default
ldap_tls=LDAP server uses encryption?,1,1-Yes SSL,2-Yes TLS,0-No
login=Bind to LDAP server as,3,Bind name from NSS config file
pass=Credentials for bind name above,12
user_base=Base for users,3,From NSS config file
group_base=Base for groups,3,From NSS config file
other_class=Other objectClasses to add to new users,0
gother_class=Other objectClasses to add to new groups,0
given=Show fields for given name and surname?,1,1-Yes,0-No
given_class=Object class to add for given name?,0
given_order=Order for first name and surname,1,1-Surname, Firstname,0-Firstname Surname
slappasswd=Full path to <tt>slappasswd</tt> program,0
line9=LDAP attributes,11
props=LDAP properties for all new users<br>(In <i>fieldname</i>: <i>value</i> format),9,40,3,\t
mod_props=LDAP properties for modified users<br>(In <i>fieldname</i>: <i>value</i> format),9,40,3,\t
fields=Extra LDAP user properties to allow editing of<br>(In <i>fieldname</i> <i>description</i> format),9,40,3,\t
group_props=LDAP properties for all new groups<br>(In <i>fieldname</i>: <i>value</i> format),9,40,3,\t
group_mod_props=LDAP properties for modified groups<br>(In <i>fieldname</i>: <i>value</i> format),9,40,3,\t
group_fields=Extra LDAP group properties to allow editing of<br>(In <i>fieldname</i> <i>description</i> format),9,40,3,\t
multi_fields=Allow multiple values for extra properties?,1,1-Yes,0-No
noclash=Attributes for which duplicates are disallowed,0
person=Give all Unix users the <tt>person</tt> object class?,1,1-Yes,0-No
user_filter=Additional LDAP filter for users,3,None,,,,Attribute=value
group_filter=Additional LDAP filter for groups,3,None,,,,Attribute=value
line5=Home directory options,11
homedir_perms=Permissions on new home directories,3,From Users and Groups module
user_files=Copy files into new home directories from,3,From Users and Groups module
home_base=Automatic home directory base,3,From Users and Groups module
home_style=Automatic home directory style,4,0-home/username,1-home/u/username,2-home/u/us/username,3-home/u/s/username,4-Just base directory,5-home/primary_group/username,-From Users and Groups module
line6=New user options,11
base_uid=Lowest UID for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
base_gid=Lowest GID for new groups,3,From Users and Groups module
md5=Encryption method for passwords,1,3-LDAP MD5,1-Unix MD5,0-crypt,2-Plain text,4-LDAP SSHA,5-Unix SHA
shells=Build list of shells from,2,fixed-Builtin list,passwd-System users,shells-/etc/shells
line7=New user defaults,11
default_group=Default primary group for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_secs=Default secondary groups for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_shell=Default shell for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_min=Default minimum days for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_max=Default maximum days for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_warn=Default warning days for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_inactive=Default inactive days for new users,3,From Users and Groups module
default_expire=Default expiry date for new users (dd/mm/yyyy),3,From Users and Groups module
default_other=Create and update in other modules,1,1-Yes,0-No,-From Users and Groups module
line8=User interface options,11
display_max=Maximum number of users or groups to display,3,From Users and Groups module
passwd_stars=Conceal plain-text password?,1,1-Yes,0-No,-From Users and Groups module
random_password=Generate password for new users?,1,1-Yes,0-No,-From Users and Groups module
charset=Character set for editing users and groups,3,From Webmin language
secmode=Show secondary groups on user form?,1,0-Yes,1-No,2-As text box
membox=Edit group members using,1,1-Text box,0-User selector
line2=Samba account options,11
samba_class=LDAP object class for Samba users,10,sambaAccount-sambaAccount (Samba 2),sambaSamAccount-sambaSamAccount (Samba 3),Other
samba_def=Enabled Samba account by default?,1,1-Yes,0-No
samba_domain=Domain SID for Samba3,0
samba_props=LDAP properties for new Samba users,9,40,3,\t
samba_gclass=LDAP object class for Samba groups,10,-sambaGroup (Samba 2),sambaSamGroup-sambaSamGroup (Samba 3 old schema),sambaGroupMapping-sambaGroupMapping (Samba 3 new schema),Other
samba_gid=Primary group SID,10,none-None,-Work out automatically
line3=Cyrus IMAP server options,11
imap_class=LDAP object class for IMAP users,0
imap_def=Enabled IMAP account by default?,1,1-Yes,0-No
imap_host=Cyrus IMAP server host,3,None
imap_login=Administration login for IMAP server,0
imap_pass=Administration password for IMAP server,0
imap_props=LDAP properties for new IMAP users,9,40,5,\t
imap_folders=Folders to create for new IMAP users,9,30,3,\t
imap_folderalt=Path for folders,1,1-user.$user.$folder,0-$folder
imap_foldersep=Folder separator,1,.-.,/-/
domain=Email domain for mail attribute,0,Don't add mail attributes
mailfmt=Email address format,1,0-firstname.surname@domain,1-username@domain
addressbook=Address book base,3,None
quota_support=IMAP server supports quotas?,1,1-Yes,0-No
quota=Default quota for new Cyrus users,3,None,,,kB
maillocaladdress=Attribute for mail aliases,3,Default (alias)
alias_same=Can two users have the same alias?,1,1-Yes,0-No
line4=Before and after commands,11
pre_command=Command to run before making changes,0
post_command=Command to run after making changes,0
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