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---- Changes since 1.170 ----
First version of this module, which can display the status of IDE hard drives that support SMART.
---- Changes since 1.270 ----
Added a Module Config option to force ATA mode for SATA disks that appear as SCSI.
---- Changes since 1.350 ----
Added a Module Config option for extra smartctl command-line args, like -d 3ware,0
---- Changes since 1.380 ----
ATA mode is now used by default on CentOS and Redhat Enterprise versions 5 and above.
---- Changes since 1.440 ----
SCSI drives are visible in the System and Server Status module.
The SMART status monitor now has an option to only alert if the error count on a drive has increased.
Improved support for 3ware and HP RAID devices, so that the underlying disks are now detected and can be reported on separately.
---- Changes since 1.470 ----
Added support for systems with both old and new 3ware cards.
Added support for FreeBSD and OSX systems, if they have the smartctl package installed.
---- Changes since 1.490 ----
Fixed the collapsible section showing raw SMART status output.
---- Changes since 1.500 ----
Use disk IDs for SMART monitoring instead of device names, which may change.
---- Changes since 1.520 ----
Fix support for 3ware hardware RAID arrays with non-contiguous disks.
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