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---- Changes since 1.160 ----
Added access control to limit which modules and users actions are visible for.
---- Changes since 1.180 ----
Added button for rolling back all files changed by some action, where the information is available.
---- Changes since 1.210 ----
Added an index on the Webmin log file, to speed up searching and viewing of log entries.
---- Changes since 1.290 ----
Added an option to show events that happened yesterday.
---- Changes since 1.320 ----
Updated the action details page to use functions for the form.
When rolling back changed files, you can now select which ones to revert rather than always doing all of them.
---- Changes since 1.330 ----
A description of the search is now shown for searches that didn't match anything.
---- Changes since 1.350 ----
Rollback actions can themselves now be rolled back.
---- Changes since 1.380 ----
Re-designed the UI to use Webmin standard layout and functions.
Added a field for searching based on the contents of commands run or file changes made.
When viewing the details of a logged action, an annotation can be entered to explain why it was done.
---- Changes since 1.400 ----
Added a section to the Action Details page for viewing raw log data, which can show more detail.
---- Changes since 1.410 ----
Added an option to search for actions by non-Webmin users (such as those authenticating via sudo).
---- Changes since 1.440 ----
Added the list_webmin_log function, for other modules wanting to search the Webmin log.
Converted commands in the module's API file to POD format, and added more details about each function.
---- Changes since 1.520 ----
Actions in Webmin which produce output (like deleting a user or creating a domain) now have that output logged, and it can be viewed on the Action Details page.
Added a link to export actions log search results as CSV.
---- Changes since 1.570 ----
Added a field for searching for actions by their description.
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