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Checkboxes are disabled and empty in Bootup and Shutdown page. #43

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Gencer Genç virtualmin Jamie Cameron lgonzalez-silen
Gencer Genç

Checkboxes are disabled and empty in Bootup and Shutdown page.

Here is the screenshot:

This happend after v1.590 and still exist in v1.601

CentOS 6.3 x86_64. Olders are working. (e.g.: 1.580)


I think the reason is that Webmin thinks you are using the "Upstart" boot system, but also have some legacy init.d bootup scripts. When the main page of the Bootup and Shutdown module lists two different action types, those that are not from the primary boot system (Upstart in your case) cannot be mass-enabled or disabled.

Was this a fresh CentOS 6.3 install, or an upgrade? On my test CentOS systems, all the bootup actions are selectable as they are all Upstart scripts.

Gencer Genç

Yes, this is a fresh installation of CentOS 6.3. How can i get over it? Is there any way?

When moving from 5.8 to 6.3 i backed up my boot files but i "never restore them". I adapted them to the el6 style. They were working smoothly until i upgraded my webmin to the v1.590 and later.

NOTE: I also tested with another CentOS 6. Still can't selectable.


So does the file /etc/init.d/crond exist on your system?

How about the file /etc/init/crond.conf ?

Gencer Genç

Yes, i have /etc/init.d/crond but i don't have /etc/init/crond.conf.

Jamie Cameron

Were bootup scripts migrated from some other system or restored from a backup?

Gencer Genç

No. To make sure i moved my all programs and leave centos s own scripts and still same.

I also did one test. I moved all scripts inside of init.d to another location and refresh the webmin page. Only 10-12 items remain and they are -i think- system scripts and they are not in init.d folder. Anyway, i continue to move files one-by-one to init.d folder. Everytime i move a script, webmin show it as disabled. So no matter of what files that inside of init.d folder are disabled.

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Jamie Cameron

OK, I think the right answer here is for Webmin to properly support the case where you have two different kinds of bootup scripts. I will fix this in the next release.


Also seeing this on a fresh centos 6.3 x86_64.

Gencer Genç

@lgonzalez-silen try RPM on Development package section. v1.602-1.rpm has this fix. It is fully working.

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