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What is the Symfony2 Admin Sandbox?
This sandbox has two purposes: To let people try the new admin in a simple 
fashion and to ease collaboration of different developers working on the
admin. For that reason, the sandbox should always be up-to-date to the latest 
Symfony2 and BaseApplicationBundle versions.

To install the sandbox, clone the repository:

    git clone

Then you need to update the project dependencies:

    cd symfony-admin-sandbox/src
In the next step publish all assets to the web directory.

    cd ..
    php app/console assets:install web
Finally, create a virtual host for your new application and add the name of the
virtual host to your "hosts" file. After restarting the server, you should
be able to open http://symfony-admin-sandbox/admin/dashboard in your browser.


Configure your database connection in the config.yml file.

Create the database and add the table.

    php app/console doctrine:database:create
    php app/console doctrine:schema:create

Load the fixtures.

    php app/console doctrine:data:load

Working With Modified Vendors
If you want to use the sandbox for development of Symfony2 or of the
BaseApplicationBundle, you will want to use your forks of these projects.
To do that, install the project using the steps listed above. Then remove
the directory that you want to replace and checkout your for instead.

    cd symfony-admin-sandbox/src/Sonata
    rm -rf BaseApplicationBundle
    git checkout <my-fork> BaseApplicationBundle
Alternatively, you can include the vendor via a symlink. The advantage of this
method is that the vendor project can be located somewhere else in your
file system.

    cd symfony-admin-sandbox/src/Sonata
    rm -rf BaseApplicationBundle
    ln -s <target> BaseApplicationBundle
In both cases you should adapt the "" script to not update
this custom project. First, create your own branch:

    git checkout -b local master
Then comment out the following line in "" and commit the
changes. Change

    # BaseApplicationBundle
    cd $DIR/Sonata/BaseApplicationBundle && git pull


    # BaseApplicationBundle
    # cd $DIR/Sonata/BaseApplicationBundle && git pull

If you want to update the sandbox to the latest version, you first need to
pull in the changes from the server:

    git pull
Then you need to update the project dependencies:

    cd src
Now your project should be up-to-date.