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WebM Project Quicktime Component
v 0.0.1 = 08/06/2010

  The WebM Quicktime Component allows you to read/write vp8 and encode WebM
  files.  Decoding WebM is not supported as of this release.

  Project Website :
  Mailing List :
  Bug Tracking / Feature Requests :


1  Tested Build environments
   a. OS - Leopard 10.5.8
   b. XCode version 3.1.4

2  Build Requirements
   a. VP8 sdk  (download from

Using the component

1  Instal the Ogg Quicktime component (download from
NOTE: You MUST install the ogg vorbis component on your machine if you want audio, for video only ogg is not needed.

2  Copy the webm.component to your /Library/Quicktime directory or ~/Library/Quicktime

3  You can now choose WebM with File->Export in quicktime Pro, or in Share->Export Using Quicktime in iMovie.  

  This library is an open source project supported by its community. Please
  please email for help.