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from __future__ import unicode_literals
install_docs = [
{"doctype":"Role", "role_name":"Blogger", "name":"Blogger"},
{"doctype":"Role", "role_name":"Website Manager", "name":"Website Manager"},
import webnotes
def send_message():
from webnotes.model.doc import Document
args = webnotes.form_dict
d = Document('Support Ticket')
d.subject = webnotes.form_dict.get('subject', 'Website Query')
d.description = webnotes.form_dict.get('message')
d.raised_by = webnotes.form_dict.get('sender')
if not d.description:
webnotes.msgprint('Please write something', raise_exception=True)
if not d.raised_by:
webnotes.msgprint('Please give us your email id so that we can write back to you', raise_exception=True)
webnotes.msgprint('Thank you!')
def get_site_address():
from webnotes.utils import get_request_site_address
url = get_request_site_address()
if not url or url=='http://localhost':
new_url = webnotes.conn.get_value('Website Settings', 'Website Settings',
if new_url:
url = "http://" + new_url
return url
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